It is very encouraging to see so many juniors from Middlesex participate in all categories with the exception of the BU15s.

We are very proud of everyone’s achievements, from those who finished in some of the top positions and those who competed in their first national tournament.

The Middlesex Junior Results were:

Category Player Position
BU13 Oscar Khoo 4th
  Brando Sodi 2nd Round
GU13 Margot Prow 19th/20th
BU15  N/A N/A
GU15  Anouska Wooller  4th 
BU17  Paddy Harrison  17th (Plate Winner)
  Anthony Rogal Retired 2ndRound 
GU17  Madeline Blake 3rd Round
 BU19  Andrew Taylor 15th
 GU19    Kimran Bajwan  3rd Round 

Well done everyone, and we hope to see more Middlesex Juniors at the future National Championships.

For a full list of the results:



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